Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Wooden Pony

I’m reading a book about a man that not only inspired me, but hundreds of millions of people around the world. This man had a story he would tell over and over again when things got tough and people were down and out and all looked hopeless. The story goes something like this with some editing from me of course:

There were two brothers. One was persistently pessimistic while the other with obsessively optimistic. The parents wanted the two boys to come to the middle so they hired a head shrink. The Shrink met with the pessimistic boy and put a pile of toys in the middle of the room for the boy to play with, thinking this would make the boy elated with joy and optimism. Much to the surprise of the shrink, the boy just stood there and cried. The shrink asked what was wrong and the boy replied if I play with the toys I will break them.

Then the shrink met with the optimistic boy and brought in a pile of manure. Much to the surprise of the shrink, the boy ran to the top of the pile of manure and started digging and digging. The shrink asked what are you doing. And the boy responded there must be a wooden pony in here somewhere.

The moral of the story in my humble opinion is when you find yourself in trouble, start digging!

If things are not happening for you and you’re not getting listings and you’re not doing deals, then change what you’re doing. Ask other agents who are doing deals what they’re doing to get those deals done.

But to just keep doing what you’re doing…well you may as well take a hammer and pound in granite looking for the wooden pony.

The person who would tell this story was Ronald Reagan.

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