Monday, June 29, 2009

Government is Not Our Friend Part IV

In my continue rant of why the government is not our friends as business brokers I'm going to write about what regulations and laws do to the little guy who is simply trying to make a living.

But before I write futher, I want to share a message I received from a prominent Tax CPA in Los Angeles. He writes me this story:

"..the real problems that require resolution to the State problems are to reduce the waste in government - the week before I left I was involved in working with a client on doing work for the City of Moorpark. He normally pays his workers between $12 - $18 dollars an hour which is the prevailing wage in his industry. The City of Moorpark would not sign the contract unless his workers were paid what they considered prevailing wage which was $42.00 an hour. He rebid the contract at that labor rate and was awarded the contract which cost the City an additional $12k for something he was willing to do at the lower price."

There is another example of some brainless bureucrat (remember definition of bureucrat - mindless official) following some rediculous regulation or law which some other bureucrat enacted costing us tax payer big bucks!

Regulations and laws hurt the little guy and helps the monoplies. It hurts the little guy by increasing the hurdle or cost to enter into a particular market. Big companies love regulations and laws because it prevents entreprenuers from chipping away at the big boys on the block. It slows innovation and progress down because it prevents new ideas and approaches to business to freely enter the marketplace. It prevents the spawning on new companies that would otherwise employ millions but for mindless burdensome regulations.

In business brokerage we're faced with constant delays due to regulations and laws which I've pointed out in my prior blogs. Time kills deals. And the state is killing deals because they just can't seem to get out of the pockets of the special interests and run this state like a business. They are running it like a whore house handing out money to any one who wants to buy out our elected officials and by mindless bureucrats who refuse to change, who refuse to revisit their organizations to figure out how to best reduce costs and provide better, less regulated, services to the very people who give them their jobs.

We need a darn revolt in this state!

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