Friday, June 26, 2009

The Government is Not Our Friend III

Here is another example of the government adding regulations during tough economic times and making business more difficult in California. Today our escrow company juist sent us a notice reading as foillows:

"Good Afternoon,

I hope all is well you. I wanted to make you aware of the latest to come down from the Department of Insurance in regards to customer service request (see our customer service department email below). The more clearly defined regulations are in effect immediately for our company but officially take effect July 1, 2009. Our passport system will be updated to be in compliance with the property characteristics within the next week. To obtain copies of documents you can contact the county recorders directly and there are several good search engines (ie Data Tree/Cyberhomes) that you can sign up with for a cost and information is available on-line for those services. "

This escrow company in the past could supply very important information about a property to help brokers evalutate the real estate, particularly commercial real estate where comps are not easy to find. But now the state forces them to only supply "Property Characteristics." "Those are as defined in Section 408.3 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, meaning:
· Year of construction of improvements to the property
· Square footage
· Number of bedrooms and bathrooms of all dwellings
· The property’s acreage
· Other attributes of or amenities to the property, such as swimming pools, views, zoning classifications or restrictions, use code designations
· Number of dwelling units of multiple family properties

Unfortunately, we can no longer provide Vesting Deeds, Comparables or a Plat Maps for customer service orders. "

Just one of many, many examploe of how larger government will justify its existence by passing more regulations and more laws. The monster is feeding itself. Sooner or later, food will run out and REALLY LASTING CHANGE will take over! Wake-up America!

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