Friday, April 17, 2009

IT Only Takes One

Every deal has one buyer, one seller, and one good broker to close it. It only takes one listing to find one buyer for one broker to make one deal happen.

In the world of brokering, any product sales will boil down to this simple concept of one seller, one buyer and one broker to make a deal happen and the broker that has the best tools to quickly and effectively identify the "ones" will do deals and make money. And the broker that can attract a large pool of buyers and has the tools to identify the "one" will win.

The disorganized broker who has bad habits, fails to followup on all leads, doesn't use the available tools effective, will fail and many have already left the business.

As the agents of SellingRestaurants and SellingStores know, we are doing things with technology that brokers haven't even dream of doing let alone are doing. No one has better buyer management tools then we do. No one tracks buyers better than we do. No one has more relationships with buyer than we do, no one!

But unless the agent diligently follows through with each buyer contact, all those great things SellingRestaurants and Sellingstores internet engine does becomes worthless.

The agent's job is to find the one and use the tools. And My job is to give the agents the best tools in the industry to do so.

It only takes one! Now find the one.

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