Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Feel a Breeze in the Air - Get Those Sails Out!

There seems to be a breeze in the air around here. Some of these buyers who have been sailing around the bay are pulling their boat into the dock. Joe and I put two deals into contract today and I know have have several more on the verge of getting into contract. Perhaps this is the sign we need to see out there and perhaps the winds will start to pickup and drive more boat into dock.

Of course, the tough part is still to come in getting these deals closed. But nevertheless, any sign of the potential breakout of sale is good. I suppose all markets behave in similar ways. When the stock market starts to drop like a rock, people stop buying stocks and wait on the sidelines watching carefully for the time to jump back in and then we get a rally.

Take the housing market for example. Only until recently have we seen multiple offer situations grasping the marketplace. So when people start to jump-in, they do so like herds of cattle going to get fed.

I know I have at least 3 other deals in the works besides the one today. What do you have going on? Let's all pray this it the uptick we've been waiting for and let's hope you have the inventory for it!

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