Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arizona Restaurants For Sale

Arizona Restaurants For Sale
If you're looking for a family restaurant with a Denny's style menu with a very attractive rent factor then you should stop and look at this place.

This restaurant has been operating for nearly two years. The owner also owns and operates another restaurant in the area and frankly he's getting too old, tired to run these places and his health is suffering as a result. He is so motivated to sell and knows the business makes money that he's willing to carry $45,000 of the purchase price!!!

This is a seasonal restaurant that ebbs and flows with the snow birds and the fixed costs are so low that you can make money with monthly sales only being $15,000. The average seasonal monthly revenue I'm told by the owner is about $30,000 right now on the books and the off season is about $12,000.

This is a great family business for a family that knows how to operate a Denny's style business. Cut labor costs this way and make the breakeven point even lower than $15,000 a month. There is only one working owner on this site.

So select the golden button below to get the name and location and go out and see this place. It may not be the greatest looking center in the world, but hey, the rent is amazing!
Check us out at www.sellingrestaurants.com

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