Friday, July 17, 2009

Prime Example of Why Government is Not Our Friend!

This week I called to setup a liquor license transfer with the California Alcohol Beverage Control department. After spending 5 minutes navigating through their complex string of "for this push 1, for that push 2...and 10 layers later get a person" I got a person!

I asked for an appointmnet date. They said they could get us in at the end of August. I said, are you kidding me! She said they are very busy and backlogged right now. I said with what. Last time I checked people are closing restaurants and business and not transferring licenses. I added were there lay-offs at the ABC. She said there were no lay-offs. They have a project their working on for the next few weeks and their not allowed to take appointments.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I told her does the ABC understand people are trying to make aliving out here and these kinds of delays kills deals. She could careless.

To give the inexperienced reader an idea of the issue this is, from the date of the appointment, it takes no less that 6 weeks and now probably 8 weeks to transfer a liquor license. Now with another 6 weeks added because they "can't take appointments" this means the earliest I can close this deal would be 4 months!

Again, another example of mindless bureacrats who could careless about business and people making a living.

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