Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting Positive!

President Obama's campaign slogan of "Change" has taken on new meaning in the past 40 days. There certainly has been a change in the air, but the change hasn't been well received by the average citizen nor Wall Street. Obama started his presidency with either personal ambition or pure stupidity. He has personally caused the economy to sink further than it already was sinking.

A president is there to encourage people, to be the light in a dark era, to be positive despite the doom and gloom on the street. A president needs rally the people around a common purpose other than if we tax the rich, all will be well.

Bill Clinton had it right this week when he said Obama was talking down the economy. My business felt a direct hit by Obama's mouth and his lack of CEO experience. For his own personal greed and pride all he wanted to do was pass the so called stimulus bill at all costs causing Obama to go on the road and preached the "it's going to get worse before it gets better."

From August to January SellingRestaurants and SellingStores were selling 8-12 businesses a month. Then our great president Obama started his "It's going to get worse" campaign and in February we sold one business. On a statewide basis, February business sales were down 60% over the previous month.

All buyers we speak to are holding off buying be "they think it is going to get worse." So Obama's self fulfilling prophesy is coming true. By his own words, it is going to get worse, not because it would have gotten worse had is kept his mouth shut, rather because he "CHANGED" people attitudes about the economy for the worse. He's got people scared to death so they stopped buying. My clients tell me that February was one of the worse months in their history.

So President Obama, you have got to talk-up the economy. You've got to be the one not blaming the rich for the woes of this country or the greed of only Wall Street when the greed of the poor sap who thought he was buying a gold mine is responsible as well and transferring wealth from the rich to the poor has become your mantra; rather you have to be positive President Obama, positive that we Americans can band together and get through these tough times without the government spending trillions of dollars on wealth transfer programs. You need to give people like me a reason to stay in this country so I can employ folks without feeling like I'm working only to support your social programs. It won't happen Mr. President. Equity flows to the path of least resistance and mine and millions of other will flow somewhere else if the current trend continues.

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